Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011…

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flash, and I feel like such a slacker for just now blogging about it!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with our families.  We have so much to be thankful for!


Thanksgiving morning the girls woke up and admired the little tree in the kitchen that we put up for them.  At this point, it just had lights on it, but that didn’t them from looking at it!  Myla was asking Selah what color the lights were, and she was doing pretty good at telling her! 


Doesn’t she look amazed!  I love those big, blue eyes!


Sweet girls ready for Christmas!


We headed to my parents’ house for lunch.  Myla got some of Mimi’s glasses and was acting silly!  She asked me to please take her picture!  HA!


Here’s our little mischievous one!  Doesn’t she just look like she is getting into something she’s not supposed to!


Myla and Henry always have lots of fun when they are together.  They love to “build forts” around Mimi and Bodie’s bed and watch movies.


Peyton and Mom – Thanks to Mom, we had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch!! 


Me & Peyton


Bodie and Selah watched some football together


Henry is getting SO big!  I think he grew at least a few inches since I last saw him!


Myla is super happy as long as Henry is around!


Mom had silver goblets and cups for the kids to drink out of! They got a big kick out of them!  Selah felt so big drinking out of her cup!


Myla mostly enjoyed pouring her drink from the pitcher into her goblet.  Henry was so funny asking Mom, “Where did you get these fancy glasses?”


Henry and Sis Sis


Sis Sis with two of her great grands.  She is up to 5 now!


As I said, Selah LOVED drinking out of her cup!


Us with Selah…she looks thrilled, doesn’t she!!


Each year when Frank orders t-shirts for his basketball team, he orders some for the kids.  They are always so excited to get them!  This picture cracks me up!  I’m not sure what Myla is doing…just being wild!!


This one is a little better!

us black friday

On Thanksgiving night, me, Katie and Maggie continued our tradition of staying out ALL NIGHT to shop on Black Friday!  Yes, we even had matching shirts this year that brought their fair share of funny comments from fellow shoppers!  We had so much fun watching the craziness ensue.  We got everything that we went to get, so I would consider it a success!


This was my van when we were done shopping at 8 am…we had gotten to Walmart at 9 pm!


Van continued! 


On Saturday we had a lazy day…pretty much staying in our pajamas all day watching Barney and football!


We did get around to finally putting ornaments on our trees!  I let Myla decorate hers all on her own!  I thought she did pretty good, and she even set up her Nativity (or as she calls it her “activity”) around it!


The big tree!  I LOVE putting my ornaments on the tree!  Last year I wrote a post about a few of my favorite ornaments.  I even started wrapping some of the things I bought on Black Friday!  I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner, but I CAN’T WAIT!!  It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year!

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Steph said...

I finally made it over to your blog. Beautiful family! I look forward to following your adoption journey.

Stephanie (your wait list neighbor :)