Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I don’t know about you other bloggers, but in my mind, I feel like I blog all the time, but then when I really look at it, I realize that it sometimes is a week or more in between my posts!  Oh well, I am trying to keep up! 

Last Thursday, we had another fun day in Tupelo!  My mom has been teaching school for over forty years, and I cannot recall ONE time that she took a day off of work except for maybe a doctor’s appointment.  She is a DEDICATED teacher, and loves what she does, but it was high time that she took a day off of work for fun.  Well, last Thursday, she did.  We were going to go to Tupelo and shop at a huge consignment sale for the girls’ spring and summer clothes.  Well, my mom and I ended up being able to shop early on Wednesday night at the sale, but we still went back on Thursday and took the girls shopping.  We had so much fun, and I was SO glad that Mom had taken the day off.  I think she loved it too!!  First we went to The Corner Shoe Store and got the girls some Sunday shoes and sandals.  I wish I had the pictures off of Mom’s camera because she got the cutest one of Mr. Tommy measuring Selah’s foot.  She did so good!  After that we went and ate lunch with Peyton at Pepper’s….it was yummy!  I had never eaten there before, so it was a treat.  They even have a low calorie selection!  :)


If there is one thing I can say about Selah, it is that the child loves to EAT!!  Seriously, she enjoys food so much.  I am just so thankful to have at least one child that is not a picky eater, so I am not complaining!  Anyway, when we were at Pepper’s, Selah thoroughly enjoyed her hotdog lunch!  You can tell from the picture above that she had her hands full!!


At least while she is eating, she is willing to share.  Pey Pey didn’t care for any, though!


You cannot tell exactly what she is doing in the picture above, so let me explain…  She had cheetos in both hands and her hotdog was on the table, so her solution was just to try and eat it off of the table.  We got the biggest kick out of it!  She eventually had to pick it up and eat it.  Then, she somehow ate the whole inside of the hotdog and left the skin.  Seriously, have you ever seen that done before?


“Hey, y’all leave me alone and let me eat in peace!!!”


Mimi and Myla at lunch


Peyton, Selah (still eating), and me!


Peyton had to get some love from Myla before he headed back to work!


After lunch, we went to the mall so the girls could ride the carousel and play on the playground again.  Selah enjoyed walking through the mall!  She thought she was big stuff!


I love this picture of mom and the girls on the carousel.  Mom finally convinced Myla to ride a horse instead of sitting on a bench, and, of course, she loved it!!


Big girl loving riding the horse!!


I’m not sure who was having more fun…Mimi or Myla!


After riding the carousel, we headed over to the playground.  I love this picture of Selah because of the look of determination in her eyes.  She has NO FEAR!  This little boy was standing in front of the entrance to the tunnel, and she walked right up to him, pushed him aside and began to crawl through.  It looks like they are racing in this picture to me!


She can be a little booger, but she is so cute while doing it!


Myla had to ride the carousel two MORE times before we left!

Thanks, Mimi, for a FUN trip to Tupelo!!!




On a totally different note, I wanted to share these pictures that I took the other day of the girls playing in pictures.  They had them EVERYWHERE, but they were having so much fun!  Myla loves to look through old pictures.  She has started asking me for tape every now and then, and she will tape up random pictures on the wall in the play room.  The other day I went in there and she had a picture of her and Dr. Dye on the day that she got tubes in her ears.  I cracked up when I saw it!


She LOVES this picture of her and Grace at their second Christmas.


Selah wasn’t “looking” at the pictures, she was just spreading them everywhere, but she thought it was great fun!


Speaking of Selah eating, we got the pictures of Selah before we went to church on Sunday night.  Michael said, “This is a perfect picture of Selah!”  She loves to play in the fridge these days.  She will pull food out and bring it to me and look at me like, “Are you going to give me some, or not?”  She is a funny little thing!


“I think this makes a great place to eat?”


“I wonder why they are all laughing at me?”

Seeing these pictures of Selah in the fridge reminded me another certain little someone that used to love to play in the fridge too….

MYLA 2 199

Here is Myla at about 13 or 14 months in the fridge too!!!

MYLA 2 194

I couldn’t believe, looking at the pictures, how much more hair Myla had at this point compared to Selah!  Maybe Selah’s will grow in some soon!!

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Buckley Family said...

I didn't realize you had never been to Peppers!! I think it is DELICIOUS and I LOVE their low calorie menu :) Selah made my day today by letting me kiss her over and over again!!!