Friday, April 22, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs…

I had been promising Myla that we would dye eggs for Easter…and we all know when you promise a 3 year old something, they DO NOT FORGET!  Well, Thursday was the day we were set to dye eggs. She woke up ready to get the show on the road, but I told her that we would have to wait until Selah was down for a morning nap.  I would love to say she waited patiently all morning, but she didn’t!  She asked about every 3 minutes when Selah was going to go to sleep so we could dye the eggs!!  I love the excitement of a little child!


All set and ready to go!


Eggs are in the dye…waiting for them to be done!


Of course, her favorite one was the pink one!  (I was SO glad to pour that dye out of the cups….I just KNEW we were going to spill one!)


We got the “glitter” egg dye so here Myla is adding the glitter to one of the eggs.  She LOVED doing it!!  I wish y’all could hear her talk when she does something like this.  It is like I am having a conversation with another 31-year-old!  She is SO grown up!




Myla with the finished product!  I will say they looked okay but not quite as good as they did on the box!  Isn’t that always the case??

As I was typing about Myla being grown up, I thought of a funny story that I wanted to share.  Myla LOVES school, and everyday that we come home from Mother’s Morning Out, she goes straight to her playroom and basically reenacts the morning at school.  My mom said that I used to do the exact same thing.  Anyway, I told one of her teachers (who she will have again) the other day that Myla was going to go back to MMO at First Baptist, and she said, “Oh, good!  We will need a fourth teacher!”  Heaven help me!

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