Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Sleepover Campout"...

I'll get to the "sleepover campout" explanation in a minute...
Last night Michael and Myla had a date night to the volleyball and soccer games at Ole Miss. He has been telling some of the athletes he was going to come, so he finally decided to he would take Myla and hit 2 games in 1 one night. They had a great time!
Myla at the volleyball game with her pom pom that she later dropped under the bleachers at the soccer game along with Michael's $2.00 bottle of water. Ha!
This picture cracks me up! They had a jump house at the soccer game and, of course, Myla wanted to get in it - along with every other kid at the game!
Myla enjoyed pizza at the volleyball game and popcorn at the soccer game! She was not a happy camper when what was left of it was thrown away this morning! She is like a dumpster diver. I swear she checks the garbage can to make sure I haven't thrown her things away. This morning when she saw the popcorn in the trash can she sassily asked, "Who threw my popcorn away?" Ha! Michael took the blame!
Keeping a close guard on the popcorn!
Okay, so now on to the sleepover campout. Michael has been telling Michael we were going to camp out. We decided that we would start "camping out" in the living room before we moved on to the great outdoors. Myla was SO excited and Michael said she talked about it the whole time they were at the games. So, when they got home, we set up the "camp site".
Ready for the "sleepover campout"...that is what Myla named the event!
The set-up...Myla's twin mattress off of her bed (for Daddy), her princess couch (for her), and I slept on the couch. We were really roughing it, weren't we?? Poor Oskie was SO confused. He is such a creature of habit, so he had no idea what all the excitement in the den was about!
Oskie was hoping to get a snack!!
Ready to watch Snow White...Myla's choice, of course! After the movie, we turned the lights out, and Myla wanted to stay on the mattress with Michael. Well, Michael made it until about 1:30 am, then he went back to our bed! Myla slept until about 7:20, which is fairly late for her. Maybe we should let her sleep on the floor all the time!! I'm sure this will not be our last "sleepover campout"!!

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