Thursday, October 28, 2010

Greek of Treat...

Tonight on campus, the sororities hosted "Greek or Treat". So Susan and I loaded Myla and Haley up and went in search of some candy! The girls had a great time
Myla in The Grove ready to trick "n" treat as she calls it! The other times she has had to dress up for this Halloween, she has been Cinderella, but tonight she wanted to be a fairy with wings. I'm not sure what she'll be on Sunday!
The girls running through The Grove headed to Sorority Row.
Waiting to cross the street...she was ready to get some candy!
Finally...the first house! She loved putting candy in her bag!
Susan was talking to someone, so while we waited, Myla rested on this shrub! HA!
I loved her wings!! When she put them on she said, "Mommy, since I have wings on, can I fly now?" Being the encouraging mom that I am, I responded, "Good luck!"
Myla and Haley taking a break from ALL the walking!
Happy girl to be looking through her candy. I think she ate half of it while trick or treating!
Proud of her milk duds! She's never had them, but you don't have to "teach" her to like ANY kind of candy!
When we would get to a wide open space the girls would just want to run. Myla was telling Haley, "Come on, Haley! Run fast so we can win!!"
They thought the bike rack made a great obstacle course!
This picture cracks me up because Haley was not wanting to cooperate for a picture!!
Love this one!!!
Haley and Mrs. Susan
Me and my favorite fairy!!!
After we got home, she came in and showed Michael all of her candy. He told her he was going to eat it all after she went to bed. Of course, she believed him and got all worried about it. I told Michael that she probably wouldn't be able to sleep because she was going to think he was eating all of her candy!!


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

We had so much fun! She obviously doens't know her daddy too well to think he would actually eat all her candy. That's not healthy! LOL

Alison said...

Awww!! So fun! This makes me miss Oxford and Sorority Row! Cute costumes!!