Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let the Princesses Party...

Myla was invited to a princess birthday party last week, and it was too cute to see all of the little girls in their princess attire. I can't wait for Myla's birthday next year because we are going to have a princess theme as well!
Myla, a.k.a. Snow White, ready for the party!
(Thanks, Haley, for letting us borrow your Snow White dress!)
We picked Grace up for the party since Katie was generous enough to offer to keep Selah so we wouldn't have to take the smaller kids to the party. Myla was SO excited about Grace riding in the car with her. They were hysterical talking to each other in the car. Here they are with some of their friends at the party.
Grace in her self-decorated crown.
And getting her nails painted. This little girl LOVES having her fingernails painted. Myla, on the other hand, told me that I could paint hers at home...she didn't want them painted at the party!
The party was at Holli's Sweet Tooth, so the girls got to "top" their ice cream with all kinds of treats. Myla was a fan of the baby M&M's. Good choice!
Grace enjoyed her cupcake and ice cream. She literally did not get up from the table once they were served, until it was time to go!
The girls again.
I love these two SO much and they love each other SO much too!!!

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