Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Latimer House...

When Michael and I had been married for six months, we moved into The Latimer House on the campus of Mississippi College, our alma mater. We lived there for 2 years EXPENSE FREE. It was such a blessing from God that we were able to live there, both working full-time, with no living expenses. We certainly had our "moments" while living here. I have no doubt in my mind that the house is haunted, so if you ever want to hear those stories, just let me know. We had some responsibilities that came with the job, but it was such an amazing blessing.
This is The Latimer House. We lived on the second floor in an efficiency apartment.
Okay, so here is the point of the post... Today in the mail, Myla was sent this coloring book called "The Latimer House Mouse" from Lynndy Hurdle, another MC alum who went to homecoming this weekend and picked it up for Myla. It was so thoughtful and looking at it brought back lots of memories!! I will say The Latimer House did have a mouse (and a racoon), but it didn't look like the one on this coloring book! Ha!

Just thinking about this this afternoon just reminded me how richly God has covered us in His blessings! The Latimer House is just one example of that!

Thanks, Lynndy, for your thoughtfulness!

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