Sunday, August 29, 2010

What a Weekend... know how some weekends just don't go how you thought they would? Well, we have had one of those!! It all started out yesterday morning when Myla woke up at 4 am throwing up. She threw up about every 15 to 20 minutes for several hours. She finally started feeling better around 2:30 yesterday, thank goodness. It was AWFUL to watch her be so sick. She barely even got off the couch, which is NOTHING like her at all. We went to bed last night praying that nobody else got what she had. We were so thankful that Myla woke up this morning feeling great, so we thought we were in the clear.
Well, at 7:30, Selah woke up. She seemed fine at first, but then she started breathing very funny. She would gasp and grunt everytime she had to breathe, and she was continually crying. She had a similar spell like this on Friday night, but she seemed fine yesterday. Michael and I finally made the decision to take her to the ER because she was obivously not sounding normal. To make a long story short (5 hours in the ER), we were told that her ears were very swollen and the tubes that were put in on Wednesday were not visible. We were also told that the had right lower lobe pneumonia. She was given a Rosefan shot and another round of oral antibiotics. I talked with Dr. Molly, our pediatrician, and we are taking Selah to her in the morning for a full blood work-up. Selah has been running fever for pretty much a month now, and we've got to figure out what is causing it. Molly also want to look at her ears because she said the tubes should be easily visible. Anyway, I am sure nothing is horribly wrong, but as a mommy, my mind has sure wandered to places it shouldn't, and I am worried. I just want my sweet baby to feel better and be back to normal. I will keep everyone updated, and we would appreciate any and all prayers!

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