Friday, August 6, 2010

5 Months...

I seriously had to look twice when I typed 5 months...I can't believe my sweet baby is 5 months old already. I took these pictures on her 5 month birthday (Wed.), but I'm just getting around to posting them.
Dear My Sweetest Selah,
I am so in love with you, sweet girl! You are such a joy to our family, and we ALL love you so much. You are the happiest baby, and you smile all the time. You started giggling out loud this month, and it is just music to my ears. Daddy can get you to laugh the hardest when he tickles you under your chin with his whiskers.
You are such a tease! I am so glad I got the picture above because it is one of your classic looks. Sometimes when you start to smile, you will turn your head and cut your eyes at me like you are just so teased. You are so content most all of the time, and you still don't mind being on the go. I think the thing that helps that the most is that I am more laid back with your schedule than I was with your sister! You love to nap, but if one gets cut short, you are still pretty happy! Your fussiest time of day is between 6 and 7 pm. You LOVE a bath, but I've got to be speedy getting you dried off and dressed in your pajamas because you are ready for that bottle and bed!
You are still doing great sleeping at night...Praise the Lord!! You go to bed at 7:30 p.m., same time as your sister, and you wake up at 7:30 a.m. You sometimes cry out in the early morning, but when I give you your pacifier you usually go on back to sleep. I am so thankful you are a good sleeper!!
You are still mesmorized by your big sister. You love to watch her play and act silly. She can get you to smile very quickly, and when she does she looks at me and says, "Mommy, Selah is smiling at me!" She is so proud of herself when she gets you to smile.
You have found your feet and you love to play with them when you are lying on your back. You can almost get your toes in your mouth, but I think your big belly gets in the way!! You are a little CHUNK, which is hysterical to me because your sister was always as skinny as a bean pole! I love all your fat rolls!!! You are still very vocal, and I think you really like to hear yourself make noises because you gradually get louder and louder when you are on a roll!
Just over the past few days, you have gotten the hang of eating cereal, and you seem to really like it. We will start baby food later this month, so that should be an adventure. You are almost rolling over. You can get completely on your side, but your arm usually gets in your way and you can't get all the way over. You are so close...I think it will be a matter of days before you get it!
You also still love sucking and chewing on your fingers! I keep wondering if you are getting a tooth, but I don't see any evidence of one coming in. We'll see soon, I guess!
You love playing with little toys that you can hold on to. These rings are your favorite because you can get a good grip on them and get them to your mouth easily. Myla loves to bring you toys to play with!
I love you so much, Selah! You are making motherhood of a baby easy, and I am so blessed to be your mommy! I pray that you will continue to grow and be healthy, and that God would bless your life beyond what we could ask or imagine. I sing "You are My Sunshine" to you all the time, and while I am singing it to you, you will just stare at my and smile. It is the sweetest thing! Your little personality is so sweet!
I can't wait to see what month 6 brings!!

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