Monday, August 9, 2010

Sweet Peas...

Selah finally got the hang of eating cereal last week, so I decided this week to let her try food. I gave her sweet peas today at lunch, and she chowed down! After she started eating the peas, she had nothing to do with eating her cereal, so we'll have to see what to do about that. Obviously, I need to give her the cereal first!
First bite...not quite sure what to think about it...
A few seconds later...I think she is starting to like it!
"Mom, why have been holding back on these delicious, mushed up sweet peas!" HA!
I just thought this face was funny!
This is her new thing...sticking her tongue out! My mom was here this weekend, and she started sticking her tongue out at Selah. Well, Selah started to mimic her, and she still hasn't stopped!
After she was all done and cleaned up, she gave me her her "teased" smile!


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

this is so cute! Try putting the cereal and peas on the same spoon and trick her :)

The Buckley Family said...

That sweet girl will be ready for some meat pretty soon! :)

Jared and Kristin said...

Selah is so cute! I just want to kiss her little cheeks. ")
I can't believe how big she is getting! You and Michael seriously make such beautiful little girls!!