Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Poor Selah has been plagued with ear infections since she was 5 weeks old. She recently had a double ear infection that never cleared up with 2 rounds of anitibiotics and a Rosefan (sp?) shot, so we went to see Dr. Dye, the ENT, yesterday and he scheduled her for tubes this morning. We had to be at the surgery center at 6:15, which is early for Miss Selah considering she doesn't get up until about 7:30. She did great, though, and was all smiles until recovery. While she was in recovery I could hear her screaming from the waiting room. Bless her heart! They promised me she wasn't in pain and that it was just the anesthesia. After screaming bloody murder for about 30 minutes, she finally fell asleep when we got home and slept for 3 1/2 hours. She was okay when she woke up, soI think she will be back to new tomorrow. Dr. Dye assured me that we did the right thing by getting the tubes because she had very thick, mucousy (sorry, gross) fluid on both ears. He said he wouldn't be surprised at all if we had to eventually get a second set since she has had so much trouble already. I just told him that we'll cross that bridge when we get there!
In her little hospital gown waiting for Dr. Dye to come get her...completely oblivious as to what is about to happen, bless her heart!
Little bands on her ankles...sweet little feet!
Ready to go to surgery with Dr. Dye. He is so sweet with little babies! He takes them back himself.


The Nelsons said...

Sweet baby girl! I hope that she this helps her!

The Buckley Family said...

I wanted to get a picture of Grace with Dr. Dye this last time, but she was so scared that Dr. Dye had to peel her off of me. No time for a picture!
Selah looks so sad in her hospital gown!!