Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, I have good news to report on Selah, praise the Lord! We went to see Dr. Molly this morning, and she said she reviewed the chest x-ray, and it was perfectly pneumonia. She also was able to see her tubes perfectly fine. She said she wasn't quite sure what the people in the ER were looking at, but Selah checked out great. I have "lived and learned" not to take a baby to the ER! Just kidding...I realize that they have to treat the worst case scenario, but sheesh, I was worried sick! Molly said that the breathing problems and pain Selah was having were probably due to spasms as a result of her reflux. She said that this could easily cause labored breathing and bad crying spells since it is very painful. She upped her dosage of Zantac, which she hopes will take care of the problem. She also did a blook work-up, and all of it looked perfectly normal too. She is concerned about Selah's sinuses since she keeps a runny nose and fever, but she said we will have to wait until she is a little older and do a consult with the ENT about it. I am SO relieved and thankful that everything is okay because yesterday was a very scary day for this mommy. Selah has seemed better today and more like herself, so I hope she just keeps improving everyday. Thanks for the prayers! Oh, and Myla is completely recovered as well and is back up to her old tricks of being a fiesty 3 year old...NEVER a dull moment!

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