Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend at Mimi & Bodie's....

I am playing catch up since it has been so long!
Last weekend Myla and I headed to Mimi and Bodie's house because Michael was in Birmingham all weekend for a conference. We missed him so much, but we did have a great time with Mimi and Bodie, as always! I was not very good at taking pictures, but I thought I would at least put the (very) few that I took on here! Thanks to Mimi and Bodie for letting us come and stay for 3 nights!
Myla and Henry waiting for Bodie to come in...they were SO excited to see him. If you don't believe me, just watch the video at the bottom of this post! So sweet!
Henry and Myla up on the BIG bed! They are finally at a stage where they love to play together and get along so well!
Watching the dinosaur video and following along in the book.
On Saturday we went to Burger King for lunch. Henry and Myla wanted to sit up on the big stools, so Bodie sat up there with them. I thought they looked so cute sitting up there.
Myla, Bodie and Henry

Can you tell they were just a little excited??


Amanda said...

I can't believe Michael was over here all weekend and we didn't get to see him!!!! :-( I wish y'all would come stay with us some time and do the fun kid stuff in B'ham.

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

I love the video of Bodie! He is as excited as they were!