Thursday, January 7, 2010


You know we LOVE to see snow in Mississippi because we don't get to see it very often. Michael got a text message from Ole Miss this morning that he didn't have to go to work, so I knew we would have a fun day playing in the snow. When Myla woke up, I told her to go look outside. When she looked out the back door, she turned around and said, "Snow...I want to go play in it!" So, as soon as we ate breakfast, we all bundled up and headed outside. I wasn't sure how much Myla would really like it because she is not crazy about being wet or dirty, but SHE loved it. In fact, everytime we came in she didn't want to come and after a few minutes, she was begging to go back outside. It was so much fun to watch her have such a good time! Things through a child's eyes are so sweet!
Looking out the window first thing this morning to see the snow!
All bundled up and ready to go. Daddy was all bundled up too. Just to let you know, he said that Under Armour tights and long sleeved dry fit shirts really work! He stayed warm!
With everything on...turtleneck, long sleeved shirt, tights, lined overalls, two coats, hat, boots, and gloves. I can't imagine if I had to dress her like this everyday!
Headed out...
Laughing at Daddy getting Mommy with a snowball...he is ruthless!
Chasing Daddy through the snow.
Haley and Susan came over to play too. They were working on our snowman.
Having so much fun!
She got pretty good at throwing snowballs at Daddy. She would just squeal everytime she threw one at him, whether it actually hit or not!
Haley wasn't too sure about the cold snow!
Catching snow flakes on her tongue!
Susan and Haley
Trying to tackle Daddy!
Our pitiful "Mississippi" snowman...
Obvisously she didn't mind being cold and wet!
Haley and Myla making snow angels!
Myla catching snowflakes on her tongue!
Laughing at Daddy!
Two peas in a pod!
Mommy and Myla. I did have gloves on but took them off when taking pictures. And, yes, my hands were freezing!
On our second outing of the morning, we headed over to Haley's house to ride in their cars.
She loves driving the "Beetle". Haley is letting us use it since she got a new Barbie jeep for Christmas.
Uh oh...collision! They were hysterical driving these cars...out of control!!!!!
At least she keeps her eyes on the road!
Driving home again to thaw out!
On our THIRD outing we went down to Phillip and Ellyn's house to play with them.
Michael and Myla ran pretty much the whole way!
Phillip making a snow angel.
Getting a snowball ready to throw at somebody!
A lot of the neighborhood kids were out, and they all had SO much fun!
Making one last snow ball before we headed in for lunch!
Once we finally came in for good, we ate lunch and Myla and I took a LONG nap. She slept almost 3 1/2 hours...bless her heart, she was obviously pooped from playing so hard in the snow!