Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh my...

Myla went with me to my prenatal check up appointment today....I will continue that story in a minute, but when we got home she told Michael that Dr. Williams was coming in to check on her baby. She then proceeded to lie down on the floor and raise her shirt up so he could check her "baby". Oh my goodness...probably not the best idea to take her with me.
Anyway, back to the drama of the appointment. Dr. Williams' office is usually really good at staying on time so you don't have to wait a long time. Well, my appointment was later in the afternoon today, and they were really busy. Anyway, the longer we wait, I begin to think this could really become a problem with Myla tagging along. After we were there a little while, Myla starts acting crazy running around, jumping up and down AND telling me her tummy hurts. OH NO is what immediately goes through my head. Myla is still having issues with pooping on the potty (sorry Myla if you are reading this later in your life!), but anyway, I know when she starts acting like this we are about to have some problems. If we are at home, it's no big deal, but when does anything like this ever happen when you are at home, right? So, to spare you most of the the amount of time we were there, 2 hours, she has two major blow outs...yes, we had to change clothes and all of that. It was a bit stressful to say the least. Not to mention it was a little difficult keeping her contained in the small examination room. Good grief! I think Myla has seen the last of her visits with me to the doctor!
As for Selah, she looks great! She is growing and developing right on track. She weighs approximately 3 lbs 3 oz. Her legs are still measuring really long, and Dr. Williams says that she has a lot of hair. I guess we will see! I now start going every two weeks. Time has already been flying, but I know now it is really going to be gone in a flash. Little Selah will be here before we know it! Lord, prepare me!!!!!

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