Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Jesus and Baby George...

This weekend, Myla really took to her baby dolls...two in particular. Their names are Baby Jesus and Baby George, respectively. She came up with these names by herself. Michael, being the super daddy that he is played with her ALL weekend with these dolls. The main thing they did was "go to church". They would walk around the house and pretend to be at church. Michael would being carrying the diaper bag and usually one of the dolls and Myla would tell him where they were going and what they were doing. It was so funny to watch. First they would drop off the babies at the nursery. Myla would tell them to "be good" and that "mommy would be right back". Next, she would go to choir and practice her song to sing. She would stand either in the corner or the dining room and sing "la la la la la la", then come out and tell Michael that she was ready for her song. She would kindly speak to all the people that she "saw" at church including Bro. Eric (our pastor) and Bro. Tom (our music minister). It was so fun to watch her little imagination at work. So precious! Just had to document since I am unsure how long this phase will last!
Michael and Myla in our bed reading baby Jesus and baby George a book.

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