Monday, August 10, 2009

Working at the Car Wash...

Saturday night after dinner, Myla "helped" Michael wash our cars. Obviously, it was really just a good excuse for her to get in her bathing "soup" (as she calls it) and have fun in the water hose (and for the cars to get clean at the same time)! She had SO much fun! I could hear her squealing from inside, so I had to go out and snap some pictures...
"Look, Mom, I'll just give myself a bath with dirty car wash water, okay?"
"This sprayer is really hard to control sometimes..."
This may be my favorite all time summer picture!
This was exactly one second after I said, "Myla, don't get Mommy with the water!"
Needless to say, I didn't stay completely dry!
"Don't worry, Mom, this water is really clean!"
Stealing some wet and sudsy hugs from Daddy.
After telling her that the driveway didn't need washing numerous times, she still felt that it did and went about cleaning it herself...
"Oh, sorry, Daddy, did you say you already washed and rinsed this part of the car? I guess it can't get too clean!"
Scrub, scrub, scrub!!
Here she is again going back to cleaning the driveway!
"Myla, did you have fun helping wash the cars?"
I think this look says it all!
Phillip came by while walking, and he got in on the fun too!!! Why do all kids love to get soaked while fully dressed?
Myla running from Michael saying, "No, Daddy!!". Then she would turn around, run back and say, "I want more, Daddy!".
Myla, Taylor and Phillip trying to dodge the water!
Don't you love the innocence and carefreeness (is that a word) of kids??

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