Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby #2, 11 weeks 3 days

Today we had a doctor's appointment to check on the baby, and, PRAISE THE LORD, everything looks great! It still amazes me to see these ultrasound pictures and think that this tiny baby is inside of me growing and developing. God is SO good! His works are SO amazing! The baby is measuring right on track, and looks great according to Dr. Williams. He did several genetic tests today and bloodwork. The measurement tests that he did in the ultrasound were good, which means no Downs Syndrome or congenital heart defect. I had been praying that the baby would be healthy, but I had also prayed that if something were wrong that God would give us the strength to handle whatever came our way. There are still things that could go wrong, but I do praise the Lord for the good report we got today.
Myla did great at the appointment and was excited to hear the "harpbeap" (heartbeat). I will continue to keep you updated as the weeks pass. We should find out next month, on the 24th, what this little on will be!


Woodman said...

That ultrasound picture is absolutely amazing!! WOW!!! Life is such a miracle. Who could ever think that life doesnt start at conception!

The Cheathams said...

I'm so happy that the baby is healthy! Great ultrasound picture too! I hope you are feeling well as you progress. I have a favor to ask you. Can you email me your address? My email is I also want your email, so that will give it to me too. We're heading to Jackson tomorrow; maybe we can get together the following week sometime. I'll check with you later.
Have a great day, Alicia