Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why do Snakes Like Our Backyard???

Okay, does everyone know that I am literally PETRIFIED of snakes...any kind of snakes, even rubber ones? Why do these evil, nasty reptiles feel the need to show up in my backyard? Last year, we had an incident with one that was, and I am not exaggerating, at least 6 feet long. I had a complete panic attack...could not breath or anything. I was home by myself so I didn't know what to do, but I watched the stupid thing slither all over my patio furniture and then out into the yard. Fortunately we didn't see it again.
Well, tonight, Michael and Myla were outside playing, which has become their nightly routine, and Michael opens the backdoor and says my favorite thing to hear..."Meredith, there's a snake out here!" So, I went out there to see it and take a picture since I didn't get a picture of the one last year....I told you, I was in a complete panic attack! This was a baby, which to me is worse, because it means the mama and probably some siblings are near. YUK!! It was probably a foot long and no bigger around than my finger. If there are any snake experts out there, do you know what kind this is?
Just had to share. Now I will probably been unable to sleep tonight, and when I do go to sleep, I'm sure I will be awakened by snake nightmares!!! Ewwwww...........


Amy said...

My best guess is a juvenile black racer. But please not that is a guess! I'm no good with venemous snake ID.

Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

What is funny, is that there is a post so VERY MUCH like this one about a year back :) Poor wittle snake :)