Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Shout Out for World Vision...

A week from Sunday, Michael and his friend, Clarke Holter, will be running the Tupelo marathon. They have been training hard, and I think they will be glad when it is over! Nonetheless, some of you may remember they are raising money for a non-profit humanitarian organization called World Vision. Many people have already donated, and
If you feel led, please visit their website and contribute.
Our pastor asked us Sunday the question, "Does it bother you than 16,000 children die everyday for lack of food and clean water?" He was making the point that in our lives of abundance, we forget that there are real needs out in the world. Many times it is not intentional that we "forget" those less fortunate than us, it is just the fact that in the business of our lives, we let it slip our mind, only to have our hearts broken when we do remember. One thing World Vision does is dig clean water wells in impoverished countries. This is the area that Michael and Clarke feel passionate about, hence their team name....Cup of Water. This is just a small way they feel they can help out.
Thanks again to those that have given!

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