Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Beautiful Day for the Zoo...

This past Friday we decided that it was a perfect day for the zoo, so we struck off to Memphis and had a wonderful time! Mrs. Sandy went with us so Myla was in hog heaven with Sae Sae there! It was amazing how much more Myla was into the animals since we were there in March. She walked pretty much the whole time and made all the animal sounds when she saw the different animals. I am like a kid at the zoo too! I love it and can't wait to go back!
Myla and Sae Sae looking at the tigers.
I just thought this white tiger was beautiful!!
Daddy and Myla checking out some other big cat! She got so excited when she would spot them.
"Look, Mommy!!"
I love how Myla would squat down to look in the cute!
Taking a sucker break. She found the sucker in her bag. I had forgotten about getting it at the bank last week, so when she saw it, she just had to have it!
Watching the polar bear. He was really putting on a show swimming right in front of the viewing area. Myla loved watching him, so we stayed there for a long while.
Clapping for the polar bear.
I could have stayed and watched him forever. He was so graceful in the pretty!
Everytime he would swim around it was like he was watching the children standing at the glass.
Myla content with all she had seen at the zoo!
Up close and personal!
Myla being silly on the way home.
Strike a pose!

Okay, I had a thought while at the zoo....
If I could come back as an animal, I think I would be either this leopard.....
or these sea lions!
Do they have the life or what!!!!

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