Monday, September 24, 2012

Pigskin, Princesses & Painting…

Whew…I need to do a little catching up!  Yes, if you were wondering, I’m still walking around on cloud nine after our referral last week!  I cannot tell you the joy that it has been being able to share our good news with so many people who have prayed and encouraged us over the past almost 2 years!!

Okay…catching up on other happenings…


Two weeks ago Ole Miss hosted Texas in football.  It was a CRAZY weekend!  We rented our house out so we went and stayed with Michael’s parents for the weekend. They were so kind to have us!   Michael was on the sideline that night, but I wanted to go to the game, so Frank sat with me in our seats.  Here we are before we left!


Before going into the stadium we saw Shep Smith coming out of the Rebel Shop.  He was kind enough to take a picture with me!


Frank and I posing with the Heisman trophy!


Frank enjoying his free Frosty!  Love the dude in the background that took advantage of the photo op!


Bebo, Texas’ mascot, was at the game.  In fact, Michael stood in front of him the whole game and said that all those standing around had a plan as to what they were going to do if Bebo went wild and got loose!


This past Saturday, Mom took treated me and the girls to go see Disney on Ice.  They were SO excited about seeing the princesses.  This was Selah’s first time to go, and she was mesmerized!!


Trying to get a picture during intermission.  The girls weren’t much in a picture taking mood…all day!




Myla in the LEGO Cinderella castle! Selah was so cranky by this point because she was up late the night before AND she was so upset that the show was over.  As soon as the lights came back on she started crying and kept saying, “I want to watch it again!”  She obviously enjoyed it very much!


After we ate lunch, we walked to the Peabody to see the ducks.  The girls loved watching them swim around and around the fountain!


3 Generations


My beautiful Myla with her prized Ariel that Mimi bought her.  She first picked out Belle, and as we were walking off from buying it, we noticed that the Belle figurine did not have a head, so we took it back and got another one.  Then, when we got to lunch, she pulled out the new Belle and it had a crack down the front.  She was so upset! After lunch, we walked back to the FedEx Forum so I could go in to see if they would let me exchange it.  Needless to say, by this point, she said, “Do you think you could just get me an Ariel?”  Ha!! Belle was obviously having some bad luck that day!  Thankfully, the people were very nice and let me exchange it with no problem.


Selah looking at the Mississippi River from atop the Peabody.  She is obviously not afraid of heights because she climbed up on the ledge and just stood there looking out and down. NO fear!


Tonight I got to host a “painting” party for my Sunday School class. We have been wanting to do this forever, so we were excited to finally get it together! We had so much fun!  Everyone enjoyed working on their masterpieces!!


All the ladies working hard!


Although we weren’t all done, we wanted to get a group picture before people started leaving.  I thought everybody’s turned out GREAT!!


My finished product!!  Such a good truth to remember in this Scripture!

YAY!!  I think I’m caught up!  Also, a big thanks to my mom for letting me borrow her extra camera!  The flash bulb in my camera blew out while I was at the Texas game.  Sparks were flying out of the flash, which was a little crazy!  Has anyone ever had that happen???

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