Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hotty Toddy!!


We were so excited yesterday to get to go to our first Ole Miss game as a family!  We normally don’t have four tickets, but this year we had our regular season tickets, then Michael won another set of season tickets when he won Staff Member of the Year so we are all able to go together this year.  We planned on going to the game last week, but the stomach virus stopped us, unfortunately.  We had no idea how it would go, but the girls absolutely loved it!  We thought we would be lucky if we made is one quarter, but we actually made it until halftime and could have probably stayed longer, but we knew we needed to get home so we could get them in bed.  I think we will definitely try to go back to another game this season!


Walking to the stadium!  We had quite a walk, but the girls handled it well.  Selah preferred to be held, but she did walk some!  Myla’s cheerleading outfit is from last year and thanks to my friend Whitney, she gave me one that her daughter had outgrown, and it happened to be the same one Myla has.  You know I LOVE matching girls!


Selah and Myla were so funny walking in. They kept jumping and landing with their legs apart and they said they were doing the splits!  Selah would crack up every time she did it!


Helping sister along!



We finally made it to the Vaught!!  The weather was absolutely PERFECT!!


Me and the girls hanging out before we went to our seats!


I promise Selah was much happier than she looked in this picture.  Ha!  So much for her smiling for a stranger taking the picture!


I would have to say the highlight of the game was visiting the concession stand!  Myla told us ALL afternoon that she wanted a coke.  We finally got to get one once we got there, and this year they have a “bottomless” soda which worked great!  We had a “family” coke!  Selah also thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn and peanuts!


“Rebel”, the black bear, may not have many fans around campus, but he certainly has two fans in Myla and Selah!  They spent the better part of the game trying to spot him down on the field!


Selah LOVED the game!  She got into clapping and yelling!  You never know with her what you’re going to get, but she pleasantly surprised us!


Myla enjoying her spoils from the concession stand!


Daddy and his little cheerleaders!


Mommy and her girls!


Myla was helping Selah say, “Go Rebels!!”.  They were clapping and saying it over and over.  Can you believe Myla had to put on a sweater??  It felt so good at the game!! She is our cold-natured child!!


I love these girls!

They caught on to the “First Down…Ole Miss!” cheer!!  Thankfully they had a lot of practice!  I heard “First Down” more times at this game than I have in a while!


Still hanging in there even after the sun went down!


Walking back to the car!!  On the way back Selah said, “Thank you, Mommy, for bringing us to the game.  It was fun!”

Overall, our first game as a family was a success!  AND, the Rebels won!  YAY! 

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Alison said...

So FUN!!! Your cheerleaders are so cute! We were there yesterday too! Wish we had seen ya'll! :)