Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday, oops….Wednesday…AKA Major Catch Up

1.  Ever since Father’s Day, Myla has been asking if Michael has worn his pedometer to work.  He finally remembered the other morning.  Myla wasn’t up before he left, so I took a picture of him with it so she could see it when she got up.  She got a big kick out of it!


2.  The following menagerie of pictures is what you get when your 4 year old confiscates your camera…









3.  Last Thursday we went to Batesville to help take care of my mom after her surgery.  Bodie had summer league basketball games. He called us to tell us that he would be passing the exit where Mom and Frank live, so he wanted the girls to come out and watch him pass.  Selah wasn’t too interested but Myla watched for him.  If you look closely you can see the bus passing by on the Interstate.


4.  While we were there taking care of mom, I got caught up on my ironing…it had gotten a little out of control.  I was SO glad to get it done.  It helped to have someone to visit with while I did it!!



5.  While we were in Batesville the girls got to experience going through a car wash for the first time.  Myla didn’t mind it at all but it scared Selah a little bit once it got kind of dark and loud!





6.  Saturday night Michael took Myla to see The Sound of Music at The Ford Center.  He and I had gone to see it last Thursday, and we thought Myla would enjoy it.  Myla loved it and has been wanting to watch YouTube videos of all of the songs.  “Do A Deer” is her favorite!


Little Sis couldn’t miss out on the photo opportunity!



7.  Last Friday Michael made the decision to take away Selah’s paci.  I can’t say I was super excited about it.  I think I am as dependent on it as she is.  HA!  She did okay Friday and Saturday night, but she still cried for it a good bit during the day.  Well, the girls and I went to see my friend, Tamah, in Jackson on Sunday night.  After TWO hours of her screaming on Sunday night, I finally relented and gave her one of Tamah’s little girl’s pacis.  I’m such a sucker.  When we got home on Tuesday, Dad reinforced the rule…we’re back to no pacis, and she has done fine.  It’s amazing what a difference having Daddy in the house makes!!

8.  We had a fun time at Tamah’s house, and the girls really enjoyed playing together!


Bath time


Eating gummies before bed!


Sweet girls!


7 year old with the camera


4 year old steals camera again!

9.  A couple of weeks ago I made my first batch of liquid laundry detergent.  It was okay to make, but kind of a pain.  I decided to make another batch today of powder laundry detergent.  It was much easier to make, and I think I like it a lot better.  It is so much cheaper than buying detergent!!!



10.  We’ve had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July!  The girls and I slept until almost 9 this morning, so that was nice!!  We went to my Sunday School teacher’s, Mrs. Beth’s house to swim and grill out!  Mrs. Beth asked me to bring a dessert, so we made this fun flag cookie cake!






Of course, the girls had a blast swimming and playing!!!


Mrs. Beth gave the girls some glow sticks, so they played with them in the bathtub, and they thought it was the greatest thing ever!!!

Whew….glad I’m caught up!  Happy Fourth everybody!!!

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