Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thoughts…

Can I just tell you that my blog has taken a back seat once I became A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D.  to Pinterest!!  Oh my goodness…I cannot quit “pinning stuff”!  I LOVE it!  I need to do better about blogging and taking pictures! I rarely do a post without pictures, so I am going to put some recent pictures on here, but I’m really just going to ramble about random thoughts.  HA!


(Dinner with friends last weekend)

As I mentioned on my last post, we found a house!  We had it inspected this week, and everything looked good, thank goodness!  We are set to close on Feb. 6th, and I am ready to get settled back into a house with our stuff.  Pinterest is giving me some GREAT decorating ideas, and I am ready to “get creative”!


(Selah enjoyed her chili)

I totally love teaching at MMO.  To be honest, I signed up to teach just so Myla and Selah could go.  I went into it thinking it would be “okay”, but I LOVE it.  Those kids have such a special place in my heart.  They have grown and changed so much since September.  They recognize each other as well as me and Corie, and some of them call each other by name.  It is the cutest thing.  I will miss them so much next year when they move up.


(Future Rock Stars!)

I never buy Tide detergent because it is too expensive, but this week I bought it because it was on sale and I had a coupon.  I actually bought 9 bottles, but who’s counting.  HA!  Anyway, my clean clothes smell SO good!  It’s not that my clothes smelled bad before, they just didn’t really have a smell.  I think that it will be hard to go back to the cheap stuff, so I hope I keep finding Tide on sale!DSCN4628

(Open gym at the local gymnastics place…Myla LOVED it!)

Myla is growing up so much.  It really blows my mind that in just a few months, she will be in Kindergarten.  WOW!  She has been telling me lately that she wants me to homeschool her because she thinks she will get too tired if she goes to school.  Ha!  She currently LOVES playing with her iTouch.  It amazes me how much she can do with it. 


Every day I miss my friend, Katie, and her kids.  I wished we still lived in the same town.  It makes me sad that she is going through a pregnancy and will have a newborn, and I won’t be in the close by. 


My mom took us out to eat on Monday night to Volta.  I love their hummus and pimento and cheese too much!  I love being with my mom.  We have so much fun when we are together.  I love being an “adult” and getting to be friends with my mom.  I also love how much she loves my girls and how much they love her.  I pray that I will be a mom to my girls like she has been with me.


Selah is the funniest kid I have ever been around.  All the days she made me want to pull my hair out when she was a baby, she is making up for now.  She makes me laugh everyday.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  I love hearing her talk, and I love hearing her and Myla talk to each other.  I want to freeze time at her age now.


Today was one of those days when the stars aligned and the girls played together so well all morning.  They laughed and played and read books and pushed their grocery carts around and played upstairs together without fighting one time.  I was able to get so much done.  They had so much fun, in fact, that when we got ready to run some errands, Myla stated that she did not want to go anywhere.  That is very unusual.  She is usually a mover and a shaker…always wanting to go somewhere!


(Wearing their new “princess” dresses from Mimi)

One of the sweetest times of my day is when I put Selah to bed.  Ever since she was a baby, I have sung, “You Are My Sunshine” to her right before I lay her down.  Well, she has started singing it with me.  She will sit up, look me right in the eye and sing it too.  It almost brings tears to my eyes EVERY time.  I’ve got to get it on video so I will never forget it.  And, thanks to Pinterest, I have a sweet canvas to paint for our new house with that song on it!


Well, I hope this post hasn’t been too random, I just wanted to do a post, but I didn’t have a particular event or topic to blog about.  Thanks for hanging in there!


Susan and Ethan Peterson said...

love it :) Where did y'all go play? Looks fun! Can't wait to use my Tide too!

The Vaughns said...

I must say I'm a little jealous about all of that Tide you scored!!

Ashley said...

Hey! Im a new follower to your blog and I am really enjoying reading it! Your girls are so precious and reading that you want to adopt for your 3rd is so ironic because that has always been my dream. Ive always dreamed of having 2 girls and adopting a 3rd (we just have one girl for now) anyway... check out my blog at