Sunday, January 29, 2012

Supper Club…

Last night we got together with four other couples to have our first supper club!  We have been talking about doing it for awhile, but Heatherlea finally got it together and we got it on all of our calendars.  We had so much fun getting to visit, and the kids had a blast playing together!  We are going to meet every other month, so I will be sure to update the blog whenever we do!


Our sweet host family for last night…The Hopsons – Will, Jamie, Heatherlea & Liz


Little Mia was busy multi-tasking!


Tyler & Myla did a little dancing


Daddy and Selah – Give Selah a cup of crushed ice and she is one happy girl (but I usually have to clean up several spills!)


The Northcutts – Kimberly, Kellen & Jamil – Seriously, I could eat Kellen up…he is the cutest kid ever.  And let me tell you, he is going to be a little baller.  He had a basketball in his hands the whole time last night and shot on a little goal.  He was GOOD!  He was wearing his Air Jordans with pride!


Mitzi, Kimberly & Heatherlea


Heatherlea and me – It is so neat how God works…Heatherlea and her husband were in our Sunday School class at FBC Jackson when they were newlyweds.  They lived in Jackson while she went to PT school.  Well, we ended up moving to Oxford before she finished school, but they moved here after she graduated and now we are in church together again.  So neat how God has given us such great, Godly Christian friends.


Mitzi & Jim – I didn’t get a picture of them with their children (more on that later) but Mia and Tyler belong to them!


After I finally pried the cup of ice out of Selah’s hand (and put the cooler in the garage so she couldn’t get to it), she moved onto this riding toy.


Love this picture of Will & Tyler – sweet boys!


Will taught Selah and Tyler how to cut the light off and on in his room.  They thought they were hysterical!  Every time they would cut it off and back on, they would just die laughing! (Can you tell Selah had mac ‘n cheese for supper?)


Continuing to turn the light off and on….doesn’t take much sometimes!


Ty Ty (as Selah calls him) finally got a turn!


Tyler also enjoyed rocking out on the drums!


Selah gave baby Liz lots of kisses!


Sweet Kellen again -  he keeps his momma on her toes, for sure!


Sweet baby Tyler loved this Elmo!


Our little family!  This picture reminds me of a funny story that Mitzi told me last night.  A realtor at her office asked her recently if “the two little blonde girls that run around with Meredith were adopted too?”  I died out laughing when she was telling me this because I say all the time I bet people think Myla and Selah are adopted when they see them with me since they look NOTHING like me!  The lady knew we were in the adoption process, so she was curious if we had already adopted two.  HA!


The Johnsons – Kaitlyn, Todd, Jennifer & Tyler


Myla enjoyed her cookie before it was time to go!


Mitzi & me – let me just tell you how much of a blessing this girl has been to me.  She is a wonderful friend and an awesome realtor.  I know she was ready to shoot me several times while we were looking for a house, but thankfully, she has LOTS of patience.  She truly wanted to find us the right house, and she worked so hard for us.  I am so grateful for her!


Jim had to leave early, and I really wanted to get a picture of Mitzi with her kids, but they wouldn’t come and pose with her, so she just struck a pose by herself.  HA!


Heatherlea & Jennifer

Again, Michael and I are so blessed and grateful to have Christian couple friends that we can fellowship with.  Can’t wait until March!  I will get to host it at our new house!!!!  YAY!!


Ashley said...

How FUN! Those kiddos are too cute!

Meaghan said...

love their skirts! pinterest project?? the adoption question is so funny too!