Monday, September 26, 2011

Music To My Ears…

Myla has been anxiously awaiting to turn 4 years old so she could be in children’s choir at church.  She has enjoyed going each Sunday night, and they made their debut this past Sunday morning, and they did great!


This was them practicing before the 8:30 service.  They all looked a little apprehensive about singing in front of lots of people!


When Myla came out to sing, she had to wave to her adoring fans!!

This was the actual performance…SO PRECIOUS!!


Myla had lots of people come and watch her sing, and she was so excited to have all of them there!  Here she is with Granddaddy and Sae Sae.


Sis Sis and Myla


Mimi & Bodie, of course, made it too!


I just can’t believe how big these girls are getting.  Grace did great singing too!  There is nothing more precious than seeing those sweet children sing to the Lord!

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