Saturday, September 3, 2011


Fall is upon us, and that means we get to start our “scheduled” activities back.  One of those activities is AWANA at our church on Wednesday nights.  Myla is a '’cubby” again this year.  She was so excited to get started again!  She loves any activities where she is around other children. She was so excited to go back, and I love for her to go as well because she is hiding God’s Word in her heart at such an early age!


This was after we got home, but I wanted to get a decent picture of her in her vest.  I’m such a bad mom…I’ve had her patches from last year as well as the little cubby bear that is supposed to be on her vest since May, and I haven’t had them sewn on.  She was a little upset!  I’ve got to get on that.


This was Myla during the song time.  I love this smile!  She was so thrilled to be there!

This week we start Mother’s Morning Out.  Myla is so ready to be back in “school”!  Selah and I will be joining her this year on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I am going to be helping teach the younger ones.  Selah will be in the older ones class, and I’ve already warned her teachers of her hitting problem.  She is a hitter!!  It’s usually not out of meanness, I think it is just how she plays.  I don’t know how to get her to stop!  I’m hoping she will not be a bully!

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