Monday, March 14, 2011

Selah’s First Birthday Party….

On Saturday we celebrated Selah’s first birthday!!  I still CANNOT believe she is already a year old.  Time has flown by since she was born!!  We were supposed to do a joint party with my friend, Katie’s, little boy, Charlie, but Katie came down with a nasty stomach virus, so we ended up doing a party for Selah at our house with our family.  My parents, Michael’s parents and my grandmother, Sis Sis, came.  It was great fun and SO laid back.  I’m thinking these type of parties are the way to go…just family, low-key, no stress and enjoyable!!  I’m already talking to Myla about doing the same for her party this summer.  So far, she is in agreement!! 


The birthday girl having a “pre-party” snack.  She was in a pretty good mood yesterday, thankfully!  If she’s not in a good mood, you better watch out!


Myla was beside herself to have Sae Sae & Granddaddy AND Mimi & Bodie AND Sis Sis here all at the same time!!


She was ready to celebrate!! She was so sweet, and she kept telling Selah, “It’s your birthday party, Selah…YAY!!”


I had this cute birthday hat for Selah to wear, but you can tell what she thought about it by the look on her face!


Sweet girl having fun at her party!  She loved having the attention on her, I believe!


Pretty girl!


Myla put on several “shows” on her stage while all of her grandparents were here.


For lunch, we had bbq sandwiches and chips…did I mention this party was EASY!  Selah pretty much enjoyed a lunch of cheese balls, which I am pretty sure would now qualify as her favorite food!


Bodie, Myla and Sis Sis enjoying their lunches!


“Forget the bbq, Mom!  These cheese puffs are the way to go!!”


Selah with both of her grandmothers!  It is so wonderful to have our parents close to us so they can be here to celebrate with us at times like this!


The birthday cake!!  It was SO cute!  It smelled delicious, but since I’m on my weight loss program, I didn’t have any!! 


Selah’s “smash” cake!

Singing “Happy Birthday”!!!


I think it would be an understatement to say that she enjoyed her cake.  She LOVED it!! 


Digging in for more…


She couldn’t get enough!

Can you tell she LOVED it!!  I love how she gets tickled at herself while she is eating it!


I think this smile tells you what she thought about it!!


“Cheese puffs AND my OWN cake???  This is the life!!! I need to turn “1” more often!”


After lunch and cake, we opened presents.  Selah was interested at first, but she let Myla help her out!


Trying her best to get the ribbon off of one of her gifts.


Quite possibly my favorite picture of the day!  Love the pointed toe!!


Myla finished opening up the gifts!


This past week Selah started walking!!  She is not walking primarily, but she is taking lots and lots of steps everyday.  She is so funny to watch because she is so wobbly, but she is improving each day!


One thing about Selah is that she never stops!  Here she is crawling over my legs to get where she wants to go!


I love those big, blue eyes!


Myla getting some love from Mimi.


And Selah getting some love from Daddy!


Bodie, Selah and Mimi…it was getting close to naptime, so don’t mind the pacifier!


Sae Sae, Selah and Granddaddy


Sis Sis took Selah’s paci away, so you can tell things are going downhill!!


Mommy and Daddy with their birthday girl!


Our little family of four!!


Myla and two of her favorite people!


After Selah went down for a nap, Myla put on another show by singing songs and dancing!  She had a captivated audience!!  She would “invite” people into her show, and she told them they had to have a ticket.  HA!


Our little performer!


After Selah got up from her nap, Michael was eating an apple.  Well, Selah LOVES to eat on an apple, so she was trying her best to get some off of that core! 


After all of the cheese puffs and cake she had eaten, having a little apple was probably a good idea!


Getting as much as she can!!


I tried to get a picture of the girls before bed, but as you can see, that is nearly impossible these days with Selah always on the move!


Oh well, surely one day, I’ll be able to get a decent picture with the two of them together!

Wow..sorry for the awfully long post!!!  I just wanted Selah to have her day documented!


Maggie said...

I wish we could have been there. Looks like ya'll had tons of fun. We are coming down next week! I hope we get to see you! Love you.

The Vaughns said...

Just think how fast time will pass when you have 3 little girls! Love the cakes!