Friday, March 18, 2011

Selah and Charlie’s First Ice Cream Cone…

On Wednesday, Charlie’s actual birthday, Katie and I took the newly turned one-year-olds to Holli’s to have their very first ice cream cone.  Katie has had this tradition with all of her kids, but I didn’t do it with Myla, so I definitely wanted to do it with Selah around her first birthday.  Unfortunately, Selah didn’t think much of the cone AT ALL!!  She was way more interested in the toys!


When we first got there, we just let them play for a few minutes, and they had so much fun pushing these foam blocks around.


Selah can be quite aggressive when she wants something.  She evidently wanted this particular block, so she was trying to push Charlie off of it…we will have to work on this!  Poor Charlie looks like he is holding on for dear life so he doesn’t fall…poor thing!


She eventually moved on to the pink block, much to Charlie’s happiness!


Charlie Buckley, A.K.A. The happiest baby alive!


I love this picture of the babies taking off towards the candy!  What’s funny is this was just two days ago and Selah was crawling.  Now, she really doesn’t crawl at all…she is a full-fledged walker!


Holli getting ready to scoop the “first” cones!


This was Charlie’s first taste!  I love his face!  He looks a little shocked, but he quickly caught on and LOVED every lick!


Coming back for more!


Enjoying his cone, while Selah plays in the background…


She thought playing with the checkers was much more fun!


While Selah played, her cone sat idly by and began to melt.


Me and Selah, who was wanting to get down and go play!!!  She is such a busy body!


Charlie and Katie


Of course, Selah smiled for a picture with Katie!  She loves Katie and can even say her name!

me and char

Me and Char Char


Katie’s mom, who we call “Mimi Beth”, came with us too!

Myla missed out on the Holli’s trip because she was spending time with her Sae Sae, which is exactly where she wanted to be!!

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Buckley Family said...

I love that sweet Selah! Charlie was holding onto that block for dear life because he can't walk!!! He will catch on soon enough, I guess! I thought your month by month post was SO cute of Selah! I have loved her and enjoyed her at every stage :) She does love her Katie!!!