Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Year Check-Up…

Last Thursday, Selah had her one year check up.  While we waited on Dr. Molly, I got a few pictures of my growing girl(s)!!  But first, here are her stats…

23 pounds – 78th percentile

30 inches – 77th percentile

44.5 cm head circumference – 32nd percentile


Selah had a rough morning before we went to the doctor, but once we got there, she was all of a sudden a lot happier.  This is normal for Selah as she is a real Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde!!  She LOVES to be on the go…anywhere but home!  Wonder where she got this???  Her big sister is the exact same way!!


Keeping an eye on the door!


Myla can always get a laugh out of Selah!  I love to watch them interact these days!


I’m telling y’all, this girl is a wild child…she never stops moving.  She was ALL OVER this room!


Her “toy” of choice this day was the gum package, but I had to take it away once she starting biting off the paper and eating it…


“Since you took my gum away, Mom, I’m just going to see what I can find in your purse!”


Myla colored this beautiful picture while we waited!


Then she got tired of coloring and danced around the room!  I’ve got my HANDS FULL!!


After the doctor’s appointment, we went to see the Buckleys at Katie’s new kitchen.  She has started a new bakery where she makes all natural sweet goodies.  Her company is called “Grace’s Goodies”.  Her items are sold at Holli’s Sweet Tooth, so if you are in the Oxford area, stop by and get some!  You can even get the “Selah Spectacular”, which is two chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling, or the “Myla Miniloaf”, which is a small loaf of banana nut bread.  YUM!!


The kids dancing and acting silly!  Notice Selah wanting to be with the “big” kids!  Charlie was in the pack ‘n play happy as can be.  I put Selah in there with him, and she lasted about .01 seconds before she started screaming her head off…drama queen!


I love this picture of Charlie because is such a perfect example of the kind of baby he is…HAPPY ALL OF THE TIME!  I have told Katie on MORE than one occasion that I am so JEALOUS of how EASY Charlie is.  I love my Selah, but goodness, she is quite the handful!!!!!

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