Friday, April 2, 2010

Mother's Morning Out Easter Party and Egg Hunt..

Last Wednesday was the Easter party and egg hunt at mother's morning out. Myla had been looking forward to it all week! As soo as she woke up Wednesday morning, she said, "I go to school today and hunt eggs!" And that, she did. She knew exactly what to do this year, and she couldn't put eggs in her basket fast enough!
Myla and Jack...they always sit by each other at parties!
Caroline, Pharis, Myla and Jack getting ready to go hunt eggs.
And they're off! Myla was the first one out the door! She was ready to go!!
Gathering eggs one by one...
Diligently searching and gathering.
About finished hunting and starting to get interested in what was in the eggs!
Myla got interested in watching the one year old class hunt their eggs on the next playground.
Finally time to dig in!
Needless to say, Myla had candy for lunch this day. I know, I'm a wonderful mother!
Myla and Caroline
Playing after getting a sugar high!
Myla and Grace digging into some more candy!

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