Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching Up...

It's been awhile since I have updated...I don't know why! I mean, in all of my extra time I have been sitting around watching TV and eating bon bons! HA! Things are going fairly well. Selah has reflux, which has been very difficult!! Bless her heart, she is just in pain after she eats and she has been screaming off and on all day. I have felt so helpless just watching her hurt. She finally got put on Zantac yesterday, and she has had a much better day today, praise the Lord! I hope we are on the mend, although I expect many hiccups with this along the way, since I have heard stories from other parents whose children have been through this. Although it has been stressful and exhausting to deal with, I am still so grateful that she really is a healthy baby and this is something that can easily be treated.
This is going to be a long post, but I'm just going to break it up to let you know what's been going on with us lately!
Myla is so ready for Selah to be big enough to "play". She, I think, is now fully adjusted to being a big sister, and she is a great one! This morning while I was getting ready, I had Selah on her playmat, and Myla laid down right beside her to read to her. It was so sweet. She kept saying, "Okay, Selah, once upon a time..." and then she would proceed with a made up story. So precious! I love how it looks like Selah is paying full attention to Myla! And yes, Myla does have on a bathing suit with her panties under it as well as her fashionable bracelets on her ankles! Lovely!
Selah has been smiling in her sleep since right after she was born, but she has now started smiling with her eyes open, and it simply melts my heart everytime I see it happen. We haven't seen too many smiles the past several days due to her fussiness with the reflux, but I have been capturing them with my camera for the past week or so...

31 cent Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins
This past Wednesday night Baskin Robbins had a 31 cent scoop night for the Fallen Firefighters Association, so we headed out to the Baskin Robbins by our house to indulge! Myla tasted Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy flavors and decided to go with Cotton Candy!
Happy girl with her purple and pink ice cream!

Whirlwind Trip to Jackson
Wednesday of last week the girls and I headed to Jackson to attend a surprise birthday party for our friend, Steven. We had planned on staying until Friday, but Myla was a holy terror, so we came home on Thursday. It was a CRAZY trip, and although I was sad to leave Tamah and Abby, I was glad to get home because Myla had been acting terrible, and she went back to her normal self once we got home. Anyway, I did get to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in awhile incling Matt and Bethany Murphy and their children, Ava, Emmaline and Samuel. Here are a few pics of the kids...
Ava, Samuel, Abby, Emmaline and Myla
Can you believe they all sat there and looked at the camera?? Amazing!
Ava and Myla
Don't let the smile fool you...I'm telling you, she was BAD!
Emmaline and Ava...sweet sisters!
Abby and Selah
Abby LOVED holding the baby!

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