Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother's Morning Out Valentine's Party...

Yesterday Myla celebrated Valentine's Day with her Mother's Morning Out class. I went to the party for a little while and got a couple of pictures. I love children at this age. They just get so excited about everything, and they love each other so much. Most of the children in her class are also in her Sunday School class and AWANA group, so they are all close. It is so sweet to watch them interact with each other.
Jack and Myla....truth be known, I think they might have a little crush on each other. They love to hug and give each other kisses!
Sweet Grace....Myla's bestest friend!
Caroline (Jack's twin sister). I asked her if she could smile, and this is what I got! She is a poser for pictures!!!
Little Robbie Man...he was thoroughly enjoying all of his snacks at the party!
Caroline and Myla
Is this not the sweetest picture? I love how they are hugging!
Pharis, Myla and Caroline
Can't you tell they all love each other?
Myla and Grace
Myla and Robbie. Poor Robbie....I don't think he could breathe at this point because Myla was squeezing him so tight!
Caroline and Jack
Mrs. Robyn, Myla and Mrs. Lacey (her teachers)
After Myla got up from her nap, she immediately wanted to look through her Valentines from her friends. She was so excited with every one of them.
She would get this excited everytime she pulled out a new one!
Carefully looking at all the different ones. She wanted to know who gave her what, and now she remembers who each one is from.
Myla with her craft they made. I'm a sucker for homemade crafts. I think they are just the sweetest things. Funny story about this one. Myla is not a fan of having something, i.e. paint, on her hands, so she would not let Robyn do this at school. We had to make the heart with the handprint on it at home and send it to school. Funny kid!
Up close....I love it!
Tonight Myla and Michael are headed out on a date to the Father/Daughter Banquet at church. I can't wait to update with pictures from it. Myla is so excited about getting dressed up to go. Michael told her he was going to wear a suit, and I guess the only kind of "suit" she knows about is a swimming suit. So, when you ask her what Daddy is going to wear on their date, she says "a swimming suit!" She might be dissappointed when he actually gets dressed!

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