Monday, February 22, 2010

Donut Date...

Last week on Wednesday before Mother's Morning Out, Myla and I went to eat donuts. On the way there in the car, Myla said, "Mommy, we are going on a donut date." So sweet! We went to Honest Abe's, and the donuts are delicious! It was our second time there, and Myla immediately remembered her favorite thing about the place...not the donuts, but all of the large, mounted animals that the owner evidently killed on some hunting excursions. She likes to converse with them which is hysterical. It was a sweet time for us to spend some fun time together. I am taking advantage of those times since they are about to get slim!
Digging in!!!
Eyeing her donut holes...she ate all of them but 2!
Loving her breakfast!
Going back for more!
Sugar covered lips!
Thinking hard about something!
Here starts the animals. I know that nobody will care about these pictures, but I just want to remember them since Myla loves them so much! Aren't they lovely?? The only thing I didn't get a picture of the ENORMOUS elephant skull and tusks! I know the people in there thought I was crazy taking pictures of all these stuffed animals on the wall. Oh, well!

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