Saturday, February 27, 2010

Katie's Surprise Baby Shower...

On Thursday night several of us got together to celebrate the upcoming birth of my friend, Katie's 3rd baby! She didn't want a formal shower, so we had to surprise her! I think she was definitely surprised. It was my job to get her there without being suspicious. This was so hard to do because we talk to each other numerous times a day, and I almost slipped up so many times and told her about it. She was shocked when she walked in and everyone said, "Surprise!" She said, "Surprise for what??" HA!! She thought we had her birthday wrong, but then she realized it was a baby shower!
The whole gang
Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Mistie, Katie, Heather and baby Eloise
Mitzi, Mrs. Laura, Angela, Robyn, Laurel and Nicole
Laurel and Nicole
Katie with the cupcake cake...turned out so good! Once again, Emileigh's come through!
The precious "big brother" shirt for Robbie to wear.
And don't forget about Grace....the Big Sister...again!
Onesie for the baby. Katie is not finding out what she is having, so Jaime had to make one for both! Jaime Lawrence makes these shirts and many other kinds. Visit her booth at the Mustard Seed!
Mrs. Mistie didn't forget to get Grace and Robbie and happy. Pure sugar!!!
Katie's mom and sister, Karen
Two pregnant friends!! We laughed at this picture because we look the same as Grace and Myla in height. When Grace and Myla stand by each other, Myla is so much taller and her legs so much longer! They get it honest!
The canvas that I painted for the nursery to match the bedding.

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Matt and Mandi said...

Ok...I'm dying to see pictures of the nursery...where are they? Hope all is well with you, and you are enjoying these last few weeks with Myla before her world turns upside down!