Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tea Parties...

Myla's cousin, Henry, and her Aunt Donna, gave her a tea set for her birthday. I waited a litle while to get it out since she got so many new toys. Anyway, last week I got it out and she has loved having tea parties. We usually have one at least once a day. Our menu is usually coffee and cheeseburgers...yummy!
Myla excited to be having her first tea party! We only had one other guest this itme...her baby doll.
Serving our coffee, or as Myla says, our "toffee".
"Baby want some?"
This is Myla's "posed", fake camera smile.
Several days later, we had another tea party. We had more guests this time, as you can see!
Again, serving our drinks.
Even Oskie stopped by to see what was going on!

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