Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second Cousins....

We were so excited this past Monday to have some of our family come and visit us. We had my cousin, Olivia, her little boy, George, my Aunt Be, Sis Sis and my mom. We had such a good time watching Myla and George play. Olivia and George live in Colorado, so it has been a year since we have seen them.
Handsome George!
Myla clapping for George playing the piano.
George clapping for himself!
I had to put this one in because Myla had already found Olivia's shoes and put them on!
Giving George kisses!
Myla loved playing with Aunt Be's camera. I was just hoping she didn't break it!
Myla was so happy to have everyone playing in her room!
This picture and the two following was our attempt at getting a picture of Myla and George in the pink chair. Poor George got manhandled by Myla! Olivia has a video of it on her camera that is hysterical. I am going to try and get it from her to put on here.
Myla trying her best to get George in her lap.
The chokehold was her method of choice!
Sweet George! Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen!
Myla sitting pretty!
Not sure what was going on here, but obviously Myla thought it was pretty funny!
Mom, Sis Sis and Aunt Be
Grandmothers, Great-Grandmother, Grandbabies and Great-Grandbabies!
Myla telling Aunt Be bye bye. She was Aunt Be's girl all day!
George and Michael playing indians!
Myla getting a piggy back ride from Daddy!

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