Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Easter Egg Hunt...

Today, Myla experienced her first Easter egg hunt! She had a blast, and really caught on fast! I am glad that she liked it because I had planned on going to one this weekend in town, so now I think she will really enjoy it!
Myla and Grace
Two Peas in a Pod!
Fueling up for the hunt!!!
Sweet Girls!
"Okay, I'm ready to find out what all this "hunting" business is about!"
"Me too, don't forget me!" -Grace
Found one right off the bat! She put it in her bucket and kept right on going!
Another one and another one! "This isn't so hard!"
"Hold up...I think this one has something in it!!"
"Opit (open it), Mommy!!"
"Sweet! Jelly Beans! Time for a hunting break!"
"It's mine!!" Running for the egg...
"What do you mean all the eggs have been found?"She found one more on the way inside!
Time to open and see what she got!!
"Look, Mom! I like the ones that have something in them the best!"
Funny how she has been perfectly content with empty eggs for the past couple of weeks...now she is going to expect for them all to have something in them!!!
When we were cleaning up, Myla found the garbage bag full of eggs and thought she had really hit the jackpot!!! She was so excited!
So excited that she thought she would take them all home!!! I convinced her to leave them at Mrs. Paula's house!
Tired little camper on the way home!
Thanks, Paula, for a FUN EGG HUNT!!!

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