Monday, March 3, 2014

Mississippi Snow…

You know how we are as Mississippians…1/8th inch of snow, and we go nuts!  My kids were so excited when they woke up earlier in February and it had “snowed” (if you could really call it that!).  Anyway, they were itching to get out in it!  So, we took a good 20 minutes to find hats, gloves, scarves, boots, etc. and get bundled up.


All ready to go outside. Ramsey was just along for the ride. He had no idea what was going on!


Sweet boy!  He doesn’t mind being bundled up at all. He loves to put his coat and hat on when it’s cold!  The girls would never keep hats on when they were smaller!


Daddy didn’t waste any time trying to scrounge up enough snow to make a snowball! 


As you can see, it was barely a dusting, but fun, nonetheless!


Look of confusion… He just stood there. I don’t think he had any desire to be outside.  Ha!


The girls loved getting the snow off of the trampoline and trying to jump on it.  It was pretty much like ice!


This picture looks like Michael is about to take one of their heads off with a snowball.  Ha! 


This was about 15 minutes after we got outside, and then they were ready to come back in!

It snowed again several days later, but they had no desire to get out in it again! Oh, well!

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