Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Meurrier Café…

We had a fun Valentine’s Day which started bright and early with these two little love bugs.  I think they knew they may have a little something waiting for them when they woke up, so they were up earlier than normal!


They loved their big Lalaloopy (or as Selah calls it, Lalalalaloopsy) to play with in the bathtub! And, of course, they loved the candy. It’s their favorite food group!


I stole an idea from my friend, Tamah, about making our house into a “restaurant” for dinner that night. The girls LOVED the idea and were on board 100%.  I let them do the decorating, and I did the cooking (and cleaning), of course!


We made our menu (Daddy’s favorite) and the girls set up a little hostess station to welcome him when he came in the door.


We set the table, which we need to do more often!  We have a large kitchen island that we eat 90% of our meals at, so it was fun to set the table with good dishes, candles, etc. The girls got a kick out of it!


Myla made place cards for everyone.  She also cut out some hearts for Selah to decorate.  She had lots of fun doing that.  I was really happy about how well they worked together doing this. They are normal sisters and bicker so much that it’s nice when we have these peaceful moments of doing things together!


They made so many hearts that we decided to hang some from the light.  We also strung some Christmas lights up.  They were so confused why I did this since it wasn’t Christmas!


After everything was ready, they couldn’t wait for Daddy to get home!


Daddy finally made it home from work, and  the girls greeted them at the door with their aprons on since they were the hostesses.  They had a pen and notepad so they could write down what Daddy wanted to drink.


Daddy and his crew.  He didn’t know exactly what we were up to, but I had sent him an email earlier in the day to confirm his dinner reservation at The Meurrier Café, so I guess he knew that we would at least be eating!


Enjoying our meal!  I love my little family!


Meaghan said...

I LOVE this idea! So cute and fun!

Asin Rajpoot said...

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sandeep sharma said...

amazing collection of pics , little pies ....

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

I LOVE this idea! So cute and fun!