Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Week In Review…

We have had a good, yet busy week!  I thought I would catch us up…


Last Friday, I kept a friend of mine’s little girl, Mary Katharine.  The girls were so excited that she was coming, and they had so much fun playing all day!


Friday night, Michael and the girls camped out in the back yard.  They set the tent up on Thursday night, and, as you can tell, they were quite excited!


We made s’mores before they camped out!


It was very chilly the night they camped out, so we layered them up!  This was their first layer!


About to settle in for the night.  Michael is such a good Daddy!


I zipped them up and left them for the night!  They made it all night!  On Saturday morning, they came in a bit cold, but excited!


Selah LOVES Oskie!  Sunday morning before church, she couldn’t give him enough love!  He is so good and patient with her!


The children’s choirs sang in church on Sunday morning.  It was precious!  There were so many kids singing their hearts out, praising the Lord!  It was awesome!  Myla had her fan club their with all the grandparents and Sis Sis!


Wednesday night at AWANA, it was costume night.  The girls were so excited to wear their Dorothy costumes to church.  Interestingly enough, I found both of their costumes at different consignment sales…I guess it was meant to be!


Sweet girls!


Friday was kind of a sad day.  Tony, one of Michael’s co-workers, is moving to Nashville and Friday was his last day.  The girls love Mr. Tony, and he loves them.  We are going to miss him so much!


I love this picture because of the way Selah is looking at him!  So sweet!


We ran by Kroger to get him a cookie cake.  Selah was determined that it was Tony’s birthday since we got him a cake.  She was so funny about it!


Nevertheless, she thoroughly enjoyed her piece of cake!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a GREAT weekend!

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