Thursday, October 18, 2012

Riddick Family Reunion…

Two Sundays ago, Myla and I went to John Kyle State Park for the Riddick Reunion.  My dad’s mother was a Riddick, and this reunion has been taking place for as long as I can remember.  We went every year as kids, so it’s kind of weird now to go with our own kids!


My cousin, Eleanor, and her family came down from Arkansas.  On the back row it’s Henry, Myla, Jaycee (Eleanor’s daughter), & Greyson (a cousin of hers from home).  Front row…Peyton (Eleanor’s son), Eleanor, me and “big” Peyton.


Just the kids!


Henry had fun swinging on the beams of the picnic table.


The girls…aren’t they cute??


Eleanor, or “Eleanora” as Selah calls her, Peyton and me.


Acting crazy!


They love each other so much!!!!


One of the most fun things to do at the reunion is look through photo albums of the years past.  There is one for each reunion.  Some of the pictures of us as kids are hysterical!


This is Memac, my grandmother.  She was such a special lady!  I miss her and loved her dearly.  She passed away in 2002.


As kids, we always climbed this wall on the outside of the building, so it’s fun to watch our kids to it now!


Sweet Myla was proud of herself!!

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