Saturday, September 4, 2010

Half A Year...

Dear Selah,
Today you are SIX months old! I truly cannot believe how fast time has flown since you came into our lives in March. It is just crazy! The other night we were all strolling and I looked at you sitting in the stroller, and I thought to myself, "Is that really Selah? She is SO big!!" You are such a joy to Mommy and Daddy as well as your big sister, whom you LOVE! Your sixth month has brought some crazy things. You got tubes in your ears and also had your first visit to the Emergency Room. Other than those two things, you have had a great month!
You continue to be such a happy, content and predictable baby! You smile so easily, especially at Myla and Daddy! You still don't laugh that make us really work to hear a laugh. You are so easy going and laid back, which I continue to be so thankful for.
You have really started enjoying your toys more. You love this singing toy because you can sit up and look at yourself in the mirror and hear the music. You also love your teething rings and books that make a "scrunchy" sound when you touch them. You LOVE your pacifier, and you have just about mastered putting it back in by yourself.
You still just adore your sister! In the mornings when we come get you up, you just look up at her and smile. The other morning I came to get you up by myself and you kept looking toward the back of the bed where Myla usually stands. She wasn't there, and you definitely noticed it! You also love to pull Myla's hair if it is within reach. Of course, she doesn't think that is such a great idea!
You are still sleeping great. You're appetite has been kind of low lately since you were sick, but hopefully it will pick back up. You are not that interested in a bottle right now, but you love baby food! Green beans and sweet peas are your very favorite. You have eaten everything you've been offered, but when you get green beans and peas, I can hardly give them to you fast enough. You will swallow them and immediately open your mouth wanting more! I told Daddy that I'm afraid you're going to have my appetite because, right now, it looks like you are going to really life food!
(Typical picture when I'm trying to get one of you two!)

Selah, you are such a joy, and we love you so much! We can't wait to see the plans that God has for your life!

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