Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Full & Fun Saturday...

Yesterday Myla and I had a busy day! We first had a birthday party to attend for one of Myla's friends, Jane Anne. Myla had a great time jumpingin the jump house, playing in the bubbles, and eating some delicious (Emileigh's) birthday cake!
Myla and the birthday girl...they stood by each other like they were complete strangers. Kids are so funny!
The bubble machine was a HIT! Myla loved running through the bubbles whenever the machine was turned on!
Happy girl enjoying herself!
I l.o.v.e. this picture. It was like she was in hog heaven just popping bubbles!
Getting out of the bounce house for about the 20th time.
Going in the bounce house for about the 20th time! ha!!
This picture cracked me up! She was watching some other kids play on the playset. I don't think she was quite sure she wanted to join them. I love the hand on the hip action!
Myla and Pharis playing in the bubbles
Shelby, Jane Anne's big sister, tickling Myla.
Shelby and a friend of her's had a face painting table. Myla was having nothing to do with painting her face. She finally wanted to get her hands painted, but she wanted me to do it!
After the birthday party, we headed to Batesville to go to the wedding of a friend of mine from high school. Bodie was in the wedding, so Myla was so excited to see him up on the stage! I thought this was a GREAT picture of Bodie and Myla.
Mimi, Bodie and Myla - she LOVES these two so much!
The whole crew
This picture just cracks me up! I asked Frank to take a picture of us. Why do men not know how to use the zoom on a camera! I thanked Frank for the great picture of the brick wall!
Yes, Frank also took this one, but I wanted to include it. This is Bro. Alan Kilgore. He along with another pastor, Bro. Ben, married me and Michael. Bro. Alan did this wedding as well, and it brought back so many memories from my wedding day!
A little closer up of me and Myla.
The groom's cake...
Myla thought it was finger-licking good!
This is Myla's "I'm tired of stopping what I'm doing and smiling for pictures" smile!
Bodie and Myla again
Me and the groom, Richard.

A cute story from the wedding....After Laurie, the bride, walked down the aisle and Myla couldn't see her anymore over people's heads, she leaned over to me and whispered, "Mommy, I can't see the princess anymore!" It was so sweet! She is so into princesses right now. The whole time we were at the reception, she kept asking to go see the princess!

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Matt and Mandi said...

You are making me laugh (as you always do)...I can so hear you say, thanks for the picture of the wall, Frank!

I posted some pictures of Cooper's nursery can see the canvases hanging! Thanks again...I LOVE them!