Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch...

Today Myla and I finally visited the annual pumpkin patch at the Episcopal church, St. Peter's. We have been wanting to go, but the rain has delayed us week after week! Myla was so excited to go, and when we got there she told me she wanted to get her baby sister a sweet. So we got a "baby" pumpkin for the baby, and a bigger one for her!
Finally at the pumpkin patch!!
Running for the pumpkins!
Sweet girl taking a break from running through the pumpkins.
"This is so much fun!"
On the run, as always!
Pointing to herself after I asked her, "Where is Myla?", trying to get her to look at the camera!
So many pumpkins, so little time!
She found a stick and was going around touching all the pumpkins with it and counting them. Doesn't take much to entertain sometimes!
Finally....looking at the camera and smiling (a normal smile)!
Giving her baby sister's pumpkin a kiss!
In deep thought...who knows!
Gotta love the posed, fake smile!
Again..."Where's Myla?"

Just for memory's sake....
Didn't have ONE picture of her looking at the camera. She was out of control last year!
Man, time flies!

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Amanda said...

I love all the pictures!! She is so adorable! I really like the flashback pics!! Miss you!!