Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Arkansas Trip...long post....lots of pictures!

Last Wednesday, Myla and I headed to Arkansas to visit my dad, stepmom and sister. The main reason we went is because my sister, Maggie, was on the homecoming court at her high school, but we made it a little longer trip so we could visit with them for several days. We had a great time! There are a ton of pictures below documenting the trip, but I just thought I would do them all in the same post....so here goes....
In the car on the way up there, I figured Myla would sleep for several hours, but I was wrong. She slept for about 5 minutes out of the 6 hour drive. It was my fault because right after she fell asleep I stopped to get gas and go to the restroom thinking she would go right back to sleep, but she didn't. Oh well, she did pretty good, but about an hour and a half from getting there she started to get really fussy and anxious to get out, so I stopped at a Dairy Queen and got a blizzard...as you can tell from the above picture, she really enjoyed it and kept her entertained for at least 30 minutes!!!
On Thursday, the dress up day for Maggie's school was costume day, so she went as a fairy. Here are she and Myla before she left for school.
Friday afternoon was the homecoming pep rally, so we all went to that to watch Maggie. Myla was very interested in the band and all of the cheerleaders, but she was most interested in Maggie. When she was being escorted out, she just waved and waved, and kept saying, "It's Maggie" or "Hey, Maggie!" It was so funny!
Me, Maggie, Myla and Deddy
(don't make fun of my spelling of "Deddy", that's just the way we've always spelled it!)
Beautiful Maggie!
Myla became quite obessesed with the Swiffer Vacuum cleaner. She ran the batteries down several times. I am thinking she is definitely getting one of these for Christmas, and I can put her to work!
See, she loves it!
Maggie and Myla Friday night before the football game
Myla with Maggie all dressed up. She looked stunning!
Papaw, Myla and Macy
Maggie and Deddy
Maggie and Macy
Myla sporting her football overalls. We had to bundle up once we got outside because it was cold!!!
All bundled up and ready for the game.
Deddy and Maggie coming onto the field.
Queen Maggie!
I was so excited she got queen. I think she could have cared less! She is SO laid back it is not even funny!
Me and Myla trying to stay warm until halftime so we could watch Maggie twirl.
Maggie changed out of her dress to twirl at halftime. I was impressed!
Maggie in her majorette outfit with her crown on....her night was full of activities!
Maggie stealing kisses from Myla before we headed home and thawed out!
On Saturday me, Myla, Deddy and Macy went to a local pumpkin patch while Maggie worked. We had a great time! Myla was a little hesitant at first to do anything, but she finally came around and had a good time.
Running for the pumpkins...she just kept saying, "pumpkin patch" over and over!
Myla and Macy on top of the "mulch mountain". It was a huge hill of sawdust that the kids could run up and down. Myla finally starting running up and down it by herself.
Papaw and Myla walking back to the hayride.
About to go in the corn maze.
Myla leading the way through the maze....we finally made it out. She and Macy went through it twice.
Getting a drink of water after navigating the corn maze.
Later Saturday afternoon, we went to Yellville's local park. They have great kid play equipment. Myla had a great time running and playing, as usual!
With all the playground equipment around, she managed to run down to an open field and find these football sleds. She couldn't figure out what they were for!
She thought it was a car. She sat down and acted like she was using that big circle as a steering wheel!
I told her she needed to push it.....
but she just couldn't muster up the strength!
Little diva putting on Macy's sunglasses.
Finishing up on the swings! They are always the most fun!
Thanks, Deddy, Macy and Maggie for a wonderful trip. We had a great time and can't wait to come back!

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