Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun at Firestation No. 1!

Well, today was an exciting day! We got to go to Henry's 3rd birthday at Firestation No. 1 in Tupelo. The party was so much fun! All the kids got to play on and in the firetruck. They even sounded a siren and wished Henry a Happy Birthday. I think it scared the kids more than excited them!! Everyone got fire hats, badges and pencils. Little Myla wasn't left out. She even donned her hat and badge and sat in the firetruck to have her picture made as you can see from the picture above. Henry got lots of presents, and he enjoyed opening every single one! He definitely knew that he was the birthday boy, and that the presents were HIS. Happy Birthday, again, sweet Henry. We love you!


the Sandbergs said...

hey meredith!! april d. told me about your blog! i'm gonna add you to my friends list so i can keep up with y'all! myla is just a doll!! she has the sweetest smile! (i know, i am really leaving you a post at 6am... not sleeping too well these days! twins on the way!!) hope all is well with y'all. emily

Susan Peterson said...

She makes a cute little fire woman! I bet Ethan could teach her lots about fighting fire! Give her a kiss for me!

The Nelsons said...

Myla is just beautiful!
I am so glad you found us and I look forward to keeping up with your precious family!
We will pray for healthy ears!

Love you!