Thursday, May 9, 2013

TOT Shine Time, Naptime & The Easiest Supper Ever….

Yesterday was a very busy day!!  The girls got to participate in TOT Shine Time, and they were VERY excited! They have been doing TOT once a week since September, and they have loved every minute of it!  Not only have they learned 25 basketball handling skills, they have also learned to count in Spanish and French, parts of the body, mixing colors and many other things.  It was fun to watch them show off what they had learned.  Selah was in a two year old class that met before Myla’s class, but in January Amy, the teacher, told me just to leave Selah for the big class so I wouldn’t have to come back to the church to pick her up after 30 minutes.  Of course, she adored being in the “big kid” class!


I forgot my “real” camera, so the pictures from my phone aren’t the greatest, but they’re all I’ve got!  Selah was very proud of her trophy, if you can’t tell!!


Myla was so excited to get her trophy as well!  I forgot how exciting it was to get a trophy as a kid!


The girls with Mrs. Amy!  They ADORE her!


Daddy ran over from work so he could watch the performance!


Happy girls with their trophies!


We love our girls!


I mentioned in my last post how Selah’s naps are hit and miss.  I think she was sleeping pretty good on the couch yesterday.  Ha!


I wanted to share one of my favorite suppers to cook because it is EASY and GOOD!  You stare with frozen chicken (I use tenders), but you could obviously use chicken breasts if that is what you would prefer.


Next pick your favorite salsa and taco seasoning.


Pour in the salsa, then the seasoning.


Stir it up well, then turn your slow cooker on Lo and let it cook for 6-8 hours.  When it’s done, shred the chicken and serve it on tortillas as tacos or on a salad.  We also eat a side of Knorr’s taco rice ($1).  Yummy, easy and cheap!  It doesn’t get much easier than that!!

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